Melodi Srikandi

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 | 10:34 AM | 0 Atasinchi
Hai . assalamualaikum ..

oke . right now i'm feel that my life was meaningless ~ i can see the black future there . how come..all my fault..i'm not strong enough for this year :'( how come ~  i can't go through the high risk . i'm powerless~
don't put a high hoping to me .. and now ! i have dissappointed all of u . i'm sory..i can't .
this year would be the worst year for me . *maybe*
ya allah..sesungguhnya hambamu ini sdg menghadapi mslah . n i need to voice out all my prob to u . guide me.
n thank to my mom for being understand on my bad situation . thank to them too becoz for not being understand me.. yee.. aq twu akan ade kesan buruk yg berlaku jika aq kelua dr situ . BUT i'm not like them..lain org lain perasaannya..dn kite kne terima kenyataan tu ..
dn mgkin slps ini mgkin akan ade lebih byk lg tomahan yg akan disimbah kn kpd aku . n i have to face it..
n maybe after this , they will hate me too much . but is sokey :")
nak kate aq manje ? oke fine . tkpe..silakan ~ ckp la apa yg kamu nk luahkan..
itu pendapat masig2kan . kite kne terima .
oleh kerana dgn kptusan yg mcm "lalang" . aq dh ketinggalan byk hal . sardiss kan . tskk.. ;'(

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